The Sacrifice of the Lamb: The Symbolism and Meaning of the Crown of Thorns

Crown of throns pin

The crown of thorns carries immense symbolism – it represents Christ’s suffering for our sake, the curses He bore on our behalf. This peculiar headdress hints at the Messiah’s sacrifice to offer us salvation and life. As we approach Easter, reflecting on the crown’s Biblical origins reveals a profound theology of God’s mercy and Christ’s passion.

Bringing Faith to Life: The Last Supper Coin

24k Gold Last Supper Coin, Jesus Coin

The coin captures this dichotomy – Jesus’ divine resolve juxtaposed with the disciples’ frail humanity. For just as the mural has intrigued millions over centuries, this coin, too, has an arresting quality to it. It lures us in, spurring introspection even as it reassures us of the hope the Last Supper represents.

Empowering Women to Walk in Faith

Black Woman of God Pens

Christian women must cultivate intimacy with God and connect in biblical community to thrive in faith despite cultural challenges and opposition.

Carry Luck Wherever You Go With Irish Blessing Coins

irish blessing coin

Our Irish blessing coins combine Celtic symbols and tender Irish blessings in a pocket-sized, lucky charm. Carry one to invoke the luck o’ the Irish wherever you roam.

Bring home the luck of the Irish with our Irish blessing coins. These lucky charms measure just one inch wide, perfect for a pocket or purse.

Woman of God, Write Your Story with This Rose Gold Pen

Rose Gold pen

This inspirational pen features rose gold trim with the engraved words “Woman of God.” It makes a meaningful gift for Christian women to journal spiritual thoughts, compose encouraging notes, teach Bible studies, and create content spreading the Gospel. Details on design, size, writing performance, and why it makes a perfect present.

Valentine’s Day: A Celebration of Faith and Affection

'Valentine's Day_ A Celebration of Faith and Affection'.

This Valentine’s Day may our celebrations of human bonds strengthen our connection to divine love. As we cherish our dear ones with meaningful gifts and festive decorations, let us also reflect on God’s eternal affection for us. For true love comes not from mortal hearts, but the Heavenly Father. This season, and always, let our expressions of devotion point us to the Source of all love.