Spread the Love this Valentine’s Day: Celebrating God’s Love as Christian Couples and Families

This Valentine’s Day, resist the temptation to get caught up in all things pink, red, and chocolate. Instead, set your minds on things above (Colossians 3:2). Recognize that human love is just a small reflection of Jesus’ perfect, unconditional love.

Valentine’s Day conjures images of chocolate, roses, and romantic dinners. But for Christian couples and families, it can have a much deeper meaning. This February 14th is a chance to celebrate and reflect on God’s perfect, unconditional love.

Focus on Spiritual Intimacy

The world emphasizes physical intimacy and romance. But as Christians, we know that true intimacy stems from a shared spiritual connection. This Valentine’s Day, focus on growing closer to God together. Here are some ideas:

  • Have an extended devotional time – Read Scripture, pray together, sing worship songs. Center your hearts on Jesus.
  • Serve together – Volunteer with a charity. Show Christ’s love in action.
  • Attend a marriage conference or workshop – Invest in strengthening your relationship.

Family Traditions That Demonstrate Love

Creating meaningful traditions is one of the best ways to teach children about love. Make memories they’ll cherish for years while instilling godly values.

  • Secret Cupid – Randomly assign family members to secretly perform acts of kindness for each other leading up to Valentine’s Day. Reveal identities over a special dinner.
  • Hearts for Jesus – Have kids decorate paper hearts with words/drawings about why they love Jesus. Display in your home as reminders.
  • Love Notes – Exchange loving notes with spouse and kids. Emphasize their unique qualities and importance to you.

Give the Gift of Quality Time

In our busy world, one of the most meaningful gifts you can give your spouse and kids is your undivided attention.

  • Game night – Turn off devices and enjoy board/card games as a family. Laugh together!
  • Cooking together – Make dinner as a couple. Play music, talk, and collaborate.
  • Family movie night – Cuddle up with popcorn and hot cocoa to watch an inspiring Christian film.

Reflect on God’s Love for You

Ultimately, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love because God first loved us. Reflect on how He demonstrates His love.

  • God showed His love by sending Jesus to die for our sins so we could have a relationship with Him (John 3:16).
  • He proves His love by forgiving us over and over when we mess up (Psalm 103:8-12).
  • He gives us good gifts to enjoy like relationships, talents, and beauty in creation (James 1:17).
  • He meets our needs and guides us to become more like Jesus (Philippians 4:19, Romans 8:28-29).

As you celebrate love this Valentine’s Day, ponder the heights, depths, widths, and breadths of Christ’s love (Ephesians 3:18-19).

Beautiful and Meaningful Valentine’s Gifts

Want to give a special Valentine’s Day gift that will touch your loved one’s heart? Check out these beautiful Christian-themed gifts that communicate love and faith:


Home Décor

  • Wall art – Beautiful prints and canvas pieces with inspirational quotes.
  • Mugs – Start your beloved’s day with words of faith.
  • Picture frames – Display favorite verses or wedding photos.


  • Christian t-shirts – Trendy tops with godly graphics. Jesus Socks
  • Hats + scarves – Subtle symbols like a cross or ichthys fish. Jesus Scarf
  • Valentine’s sweaters – Cozy outerwear in red, white, or pink.


  • Scripture cookies – Custom decorated sugar cookies.
  • Chocolate bars – Rich treats with heartwarming messages.
  • Candy hearts – Nostalgic sweets now come in Christian themes.

Remember to check out the Valentine’s Day page at Church Supplier for more gift ideas!

Expressing Love through Gifts

Exchanging gifts has always been a hallmark of Valentine’s Day. For Christian couples, selecting meaningful presents is a way to express sacrificial love and care.

Gifts that Symbolize Christ’s Love

Some gifts represent Jesus’ passion and connect Scripture to the holiday. These are wonderful options:

  • Cross jewelry – A cross pendant or necklace symbolizes Christ’s sacrifice for us.
  • Nail cross pins – Similar to cross jewelry, this represents the Crucifixion. Nail Cross Pin
  • Coins – Engraved coins make a sentimental gift. Lord’s Prayer Coin

Gifts that Remind Them of God’s Love

Other presents focus on God’s love versus the Crucifixion. These are more lighthearted:

  • Heart jewelry – Heart pendants, charms and pins emphasize God’s love. Pink Heart Wings Pin
  • Angel figurines – Pretty angels represent God watching over us. Angel PennyFlying Angel Pin
  • Nature scenes – Reminds them of God’s beautiful creation.

Gifts to Grow Spiritually

You can also gift items to enrich your faith as a couple:

  • Devotionals – Daily inspiration to start the morning.
  • Couples studies – Workbooks to spur discussion.
  • Marriage books – Read and learn together.
  • Worship music – Create a romantic playlist.

However you choose to celebrate, let your gifts reflect Christ’s love! Check Church Supplier for more ideas.

Conclusion: Focus on Spiritual Intimacy

This Valentine’s Day, resist the temptation to get caught up in all things pink, red, and chocolate. Instead, set your minds on things above (Colossians 3:2). Recognize that human love is just a small reflection of Jesus’ perfect, unconditional love.

No matter your relationship status, take time this February 14th to thank God for loving you enough to send His Son to make a way for you to have eternal life (John 3:16). Pray and ask Him to fill your heart with love for Him and others.

For couples, continue seeking spiritual intimacy in your marriage. Prioritize growing together in your faith over worldly romance. When you are both rooted in Christ, your love will bear fruit that brings glory to God.

Let this Valentine’s Day be an opportunity to walk in the truth that “We love because He first loved us.” (1 John 4:19) Celebrate by spreading that love to your family, community, and world!

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